First- AID (dirtydie) wrote,
First- AID

I went camping for 7 days and boy oh boy do I wish I were back.

Lots of shit happened that drove us to such a wonderful vacation.

We both lost our jobs. My car died. And now has been towed off to car hell. We just payed rent and only have 100 bucks til we find something. My boyfriend applied for unemployment and my uncle denied it. So we can't even have that. My uncle is a peice of shit. The people he worked with keep telling everyone in my family that my boyfriend quit. I was there. He told one of our friends who works there that he 'might" give his two weeks but hes not sure yet and the next fucking day he came up to him and was like "this is basically your last day" now if thats not getting fired... I don't know what is.
People ask us for shit all the damn time, too. Thats anothing thing.
Its so fucking annoying.
I've never been racist before but these fucking mexicans ask us atleast once a day for something. Whether its some kind of food or toilet paper... Rides... electric bull shit. it doesn't matter. They'll ask. They even tell their daughter whos only like six to ask for shit like cigarettes and shes gotta ask us for rides to school, by herself. Its sad. They come over and bug us all the fucking time.
Beyond annoying. They have no shame in their shit.

I'm very much in love with my rat. Shes the most adorable creature i've ever seen. Shes a blue dumbo rat. Uhhhh shes gorgeous and fucking funnier than hell.

I gained a lot of weight. It makes me feel extremely ugly .
Yeah. You say " no you could never gain weight." but you've no idea. I have boobs and an ass. Its a good thing but I got a belly which is horrible. I'm superficial. Fuck off.

I love life. Hey drop me a line.
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